About Pet Friendly Santa Fe

If you’re a dog thinking about traveling to Santa Fe, you’ve come to the right place.

I’m here to give you the low-down on everything you need to know about pet-friendly Santa Fe. Most important point, numero uno: You have to beg your human to bring you along and you have to beg for a stay in a Two Casitas vacation rental. Listen, I’ve stayed in hotel rooms where you have to go down a dark hallway to get outside to the green grass and sometimes there’s no green grass at all, just a slab of asphalt (Don’t even get me started on asphalt!). Wendy and Two Casitas have Santa Fe vacation homes for your owners and all their friends, places with lots of space for tail wagging, a couch or two for lounging around, and then yards with rocks for sniffing plus room to chase a tennis ball. While your pup enthusiast sits on a patio with a glass of wine, you can examine the perimeter fence and do what you do best (after protecting the humans from any harm); you can mark every corner of this new territory. Even better than the home and the yard, is the walk where you lead the humans to the hottest venues in Santa Fe – the Plaza in the center of town, Canyon Road (where you’ll meet all sorts of fancy dogs), and the Railyard where you can bark at the Railrunner as it leaves the station. Everyone in Santa Fe loves me. I’m a good-looking guy, a handsome, fluffy, white, Golden-doodle. My name is Miles. People admire me from afar, or if they’re lucky enough to get close, they pat me on the head and give me a smile. They bend down to shake my hand. They talk to me in reverent tones. In other words, everyone in Santa Fe, whether they live here or they’re visiting, loves dogs. It’s one of the most dog-friendly cities in the U.S., and I get to represent it. I’m the handsome dude who gets to ride around town looking for yet another fun, interesting place to hang out where they’ll bring me a bowl of water and a treat, hopefully two. That’s the Santa Fe life I get to lead.

I’m Miles the Golden-doodle, the hippest member of the team that makes up

Two Casitas, Santa Fe Vacation Rentals.

Yes, there’s the owner, Wendy Kapp, who is my owner. There’s a reservation specialist and two customer service reps, but when you want all the facts and want to know what’s really happening in Pet Friendly Santa Fe, check in here with me. I didn’t always live in Santa Fe. Wendy found me in Colorado and brought me here to keep her company. After a couple of years, she’s decided to let me tell you all about my great life here. Santa Fe is a great place to be a dog. There’s even a city ordinance saying that I get to hang out on almost every patio in town. Did you hear me? The city officials have put out the word. Treat dogs like the royalty they are! And everyone does. So, next time your owner starts thinking about getting away from home for a few days, don’t EVEN allow them to call the kennel. Make it clear that you’re going to be right at home in The City Different, that you’ll be welcome, and that you really want to stay in a vacation rental with Two Casitas. Once you get here, I’ll show you the ropes. Or better yet, I’ll just post all my best pooch advice right here, so it’s readily available to you; the best patios in town, the places where you and I are welcome, the coolest dog parks (oh, man, are you gonna love the dog parks!) More later, I gotta go inspect another Two Casitas Vacation Rental with Wendy; make sure it’s ready for you, and that no cats have jumped over the fence into any of my yards. Grrrrrrr.

Vacation Rentals

I gotta tell you, Santa Fe is such a pet friendly place and that’s exciting. There are several hotels where your human can take you. If your pup lover goes to Expedia and then searches “Pet Friendly Santa Fe Lodging”, they’ll get a whole list of places you’re invited to stay. Just have them check out the policies when they’re trying to figure out where to stay. You don’t want your owner getting all hot under the collar, because some places charged them an extra $75 for you to stay (like La Posada).

You might also want to remind them how goofy and barkish you get when a maid comes in to change the linens. If you’re like me, that sort of stuff makes you act crazy, like a new puppy, and if you’re lucky, it scares the maid to death. But then, if you’re unlucky, it makes all kinds of trouble for your owner.

I say if you’re headed to Santa Fe, just stay with Wendy at Two Casitas. She’s all about pets (have you seen how she acts when she’s with me?), especially dogs, and she makes sure almost all of her home-owners allow dogs. Because, really, what’s a vacation without your dog? Doesn’t everyone want us to be the happiest people (dogs) on the trip? 

Tashi at Paloma; The First of the Two Casitas

Third Place Winner of 2017 Pet Photo Contest

Grrrrrrr. . .that’s me, saying have your humans book with Two Casitas. They’ll be happier, you’ll be happier, and no maids will be scared by your barking. All the pet-friendly vacation rentals with Two Casitas are loved and inspected by yours truly!