The Best Things to Do in Santa Fe

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There are so many things to do in Santa Fe it can become overwhelming. Two Casitas is here to help you plan your trip.

We have so many great local recommendations on things to do in Santa Fe; we suggest you use this guide prior to and during your visit to help plan your trip. Whether you want to see as much as possible, or if you’re coming to relax and soak up the sun and the atmosphere, we know Santa Fe inside and out and will do EVERYTHING we can to make your trip a success. Enjoy!

Santa Fe Events Balloon Festival

Santa Fe Events and Festivals

There are so many Santa Fe events to choose from! Dozens of events happen every year and draw hundreds to thousands of people. Each month brings something unique like ceremonial Native American traditions or the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. Whatever time you choose to visit “the City Different,” there will likely be a Santa Fe festival that you won`t want to miss!

Dining in Santa Fe

Santa Fe’s dining scene is a fusion of traditional New Mexican flavors and modern culinary innovation. From classic red and green chile dishes to upscale eateries highlighting local ingredients, there’s something for every taste. Explore adobe-style restaurants, bustling cafes, and upscale dining spots for a delicious taste of Santa Fe’s rich culinary heritage.

Pet Friendly Santa Fe

Don’t leave your best friend behind in the vacation rental. Get out and play! You and your pooch will love the magnificent outdoors of Santa Fe. It’s the perfect excuse to explore the beauty of the area. No matter where you’re headed, we can guide you to nearby off-leash dog parks, the best pet-friendly patio dining, fantastic hiking trails, dog-friendly day trips, groomers, pet stores, and much more!

Outdoor Activities in Santa Fe

Santa Fe offers an array of outdoor activities that cater to adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. From hiking scenic trails and mountain biking through rugged terrain to skiing on pristine slopes and river rafting in exhilarating waters, this vibrant city is a haven for outdoor exploration. Whether you seek the thrill of high-altitude adventure or the tranquility of nature, Santa Fe promises an unforgettable experience.

Santa Fe Wineries & Distilleries

Discover Santa Fe’s diverse libation scene! Savor sparkling wines at Gruet Winery, handcrafted delights at Vivác Winery, and unique spirits at Don Quixote Distillery. In Santa Fe, sample whiskey and gin at Santa Fe Spirits, or try local hard ciders at the New Mexico Hard Cider Taproom. With options like Tractor Brewing, KGB Spirits, and Tumbleroot Brewery, there’s something for every palate in Santa Fe’s vibrant beverage scene.

Water Activities Near Santa Fe

Santa Fe’s vibrant outdoor scene extends beyond its desert landscape to encompass refreshing water activities. From kayaking on serene lakes to whitewater rafting down rushing rivers, there’s an aquatic adventure for every thrill-seeker in this Southwestern gem.

Santa Fe Itineraries

Discover the magic of Santa Fe with our curated itineraries, designed for history buffs, art enthusiasts, foodies, and outdoor adventurers. Explore historic sites, savor top restaurants, and enjoy scenic hikes. Each itinerary blends iconic attractions with hidden gems to ensure an unforgettable adventure. Let our Santa Fe itineraries guide your perfect visit.

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