Pet Policy

Only dogs are permitted at pet-friendly homes. All other animals are not allowed.

TCSVR has the right to charge a pet fee. The amount will be specified in Guest’s quote or invoice provided by TCSFVR or the third-party listing site through which the Guest books (if applicable).

Additional dogs must be approved by TCSFVR, and may incur additional fees.

Guest must disclose all dogs to TCSFVR. Failure to disclose dogs will result in a $1,000 fine charged to the credit card on file. 

Dogs are not allowed in homes that are not pet-friendly.

Only hypo-allergenic dogs are allowed in homes that have that specific restriction.

Guests will pay a $100 fine for not picking up their dog’s waste.

Animals are not allowed on furniture at any time. Evidence of animals on furniture (pet hair, bodily fluids from pets, or damage to the furniture itself) may result in additional cleaning fees, or reimbursement for the cost of replacing or repairing the furniture.

If an animal damages the property or the landscaping, the Guest is fully responsible for any damage, as animal damage is not covered by the accidental damage waiver. Any damages must be reported to TCSFVR immediately.

Guest must prevent pets from producing excessive noise at a level that disturbs neighbors. If, after we have contacted you that a complaint has been received, excessive noise persists, we reserve the right to cancel the reservation and ask the Guest to vacate the premises. Alternatively, the dog can be boarded at the Guest’s expense. No refunds shall be given should this occur.

TCSFVR and homeowner assume no responsibility for illness or injury that may incur to pets or humans while on the premises.

It is the sole responsibility of the Guest to comply with all New Mexico, County of Santa Fe and City of Santa Fe laws and ordinances as related to dogs.

Guests are solely responsible for their pet(s) while on the property.

Pets are not allowed for stays longer than 14 days unless approved by TCSFVR.

Pets may require additional cleaning services for long-term stays.