Pet Friendly Services


Sometimes we dogs like to indulge just as much as our humans. My human, Wendy, loves 10,000 Waves when she needs some R&R, but since they don’t have tubs for bubs, I usually get my fur washed and groomed at one of the local pet spas. ENV is one of my absolute favorites!


Address: 228 S St Francis Dr, Santa Fe, NM 87501

Phone:(505) 428-0444

I just love going to the groomer and ENV Pet Spa is easy for travelers to find, it’s right on Saint Francis Drive, the sign is visible from the road. The only downside is your boss needs to make an appointment before you get to Santa Fe. This place is so exclusive it can takes weeks to get an appointment, especially for a big hairy guy like me. They really take their time to make me look just as handsome as I am. They cater to all hair types and can do just about any cut you want. It’s your time to get your teeth brushed, a bath, a haircut, and your nails done for your girl. You wont believe this, they even have a service to pick you up at your own Santa Fe vacation home and drop you back off! I am certain you will want to go someplace to freshen up after traveling in the car or plane for so long.

Now if you aren’t able to get an appointment at Envy, here is a list of all the other best groomers:

Paws Plaza

Address: 1416 4th St, Santa Fe, NM 87505

Phone:(505) 820-7529

I also love Paws Plaza and their hydro-massaging baths; it helps clear all the dirt out of my coat I get from running around the neighborhood, but also gives me relaxing back and belly rubs. Now that’s the stuff! Not only will they make you look awesome, they will give you pointers on how to make your owner happy by teaching you good manners and all sorts of other ways to earn treats.

Barks and Bubbles

Address: 1311 Cll Nava, Santa Fe, NM 87505

Phone:(505) 820-2275

First place winner for pet spa in Santa Fe 2013!

Barks and Bubbles is another premier pet spa. They have a welcoming environment where you feel safe being dropped off to play. Not only do they offer full-service grooming, but also daycare/playtime services, and overnight facilities. I heard my friends don’t mind taking a break from their owners if they can stay here.

Pet Smart

Address: 3561 Zafarano Dr, Santa Fe, NM 87507

Phone:(505) 471-5255

I went here once when I couldn’t get into ENV and no appointment was needed! It was good service and great for Wendy when she was in a hurry. Besides, she was able to get me all sorts of treats and load up on everything we needed since we were about to hit the road. 

Z Pet Hotel

Address: 1196 Harrison Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87507

Phone:(505) 438-7777

Here is another option that offers boarding and grooming along with other services. Most of the time we don’t like to be boarded, but if needed this place is a great choice.

If you are skittish around new humans, or if your owner is more of a hands-on groomer, there are also several owner self-serve places that usually have great treats as well. 

Critters and Me

Address: 1403 Agua Fria St, Santa Fe, NM 87505

Phone:(505) 982-5040

Critters and Me is a one-stop shop, which means less car rides for us, but they make up for it with their treats and food selection. They provide everything your human would need: shampoo, conditioner, rinses, fur brushes and tools. They also let your owner wear an apron in case you get the wiggles like me or have too much fun splashing in the water.

Pooch Pantry Bakery and Boutique

Address: 301 N Guadalupe St, Santa Fe, NM 87501

Phone:(505) 820-1130

This is another place that offers more than just a good cleaning behind the ears. They have fresh, baked treats, accessories, toys, and beds. When it comes to cleansing canines, they really care about you and your human’s comfort. They have raised tubs to help your human’s back, offer all the supplies needed, and make sure the tubs are disinfected between uses. Clean pups are happy, healthy pups!


With so many great adventures around Santa Fe, sometimes our humans travel without us. This is can be a total bummer, but it doesn’t have to be if the right replacement humans are found. Since Santa Fe loves dogs, we have some of the friendliest places for us doggies to stay. 

Lilly Marie- Pet Care Provider

Phone:(360) 878-7831

Lilly Marie is now available to offer her quality comfort pet care for visitors and travelers to Santa Fe’s pet friendly hotels and vacation rentals affording you the ability to travel with your pet(s) and have the freedom to sight see the city different.

Dog Wonder

Phone:(505) 316-1464

Dog Wonder has some of the best reviews online and the nicest humans. They give you lots of attention and exercise, they aren’t afraid to take you on adventures, and they make me feel like I have a new two-legged friend for life.

Fido’s Bed and Biscuit

Address: 186 9 Mile Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87508

Phone:(505) 603-0482

Another fave of mine is Fido’s Bed and Biscuit. Now you have to be a social kind of pup to stay here; luckily, Wendy made sure to work on my dog to dog friendship skills early on, because Fido’s Bed and Biscuit is a crate free environment. They watch us inside and outside to make sure we are playing well together and it sure is fun to romp around the grassy areas then cool off under the shady spots. At Fido’s Bed and Biscuit you can stay over night or just for the day depending on what works best for your family, but they always make sure we doggies are comfortable. 

Lucky Dawg Daycare

Address: 1124-A Calle La Resolana, Santa Fe, NM 87507

Phone:(505) 983-6670

Now Lucky Dawg Daycare has given their workers extra obedience training because safety is one of their main concerns. Their staff has been trained in basic animal first aid as well as understanding our behavior, which is a great skill since very few humans actually speak dog, most just pretend 😉 Plus they are centrally located, which makes it convenient for your owner no matter where your vacation home is. Make sure you owner checks out the offered sessions, because they have the choice to have you come play for the whole day or just half day. 

Here are some other Doggie Day Cares/Kennels available in Santa Fe:

Canine Social Club LLC

2201 W Alameda St

(505) 989-1362

Z Pet Hotel

1196 Harrison Rd

(505) 438-7777

Santa Fe Tails

2109 Warner Cir

(505) 820-0731

Peaceful Pet Sitters, LLC

(505) 690-2693


1005 S St Francis Dr # 121

(505) 983-8671

The Dog Lady Home Dog Boarding

(505) 670-3623

Pet Suites: Boarding, Grooming, Training, & Daycare

7502 Mallard Way

(505) 424-7387

Country Boarding Kennels Inc

27712 W Frontage Rd

(505) 471-244

VIPets LLC – Pet Sitting Services

(505) 333-4410

Dusty Dog Ranch Free Roam

77 N Fork

(505) 424-3553

Santa Fe Cats

154 Tano Rd

(505) 216-5141

Del Corazon

96 Metro Blvd # A

(505) 474-6703

Braemarr Pet Resort

906 Old Las Vegas Hwy # B

(505) 466-2222

Black Mesa Kennels

32 Private Drive 1156

(505) 753-9530

Dog Walking Services

We dogs know human lives can get hectic and that means sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the day to fit in a walk. We try to be understanding when this happens, but our boredom can get the best of us. Well luckily here in Santa Fe there are dog walking services available to help us stay active and Wendy has listed them below:

Peaceful Pet Sitters, LLC

(505) 690-2693

VIPets LLC – Pet Sitting Services

(505) 333-4410

Pet Angel Santa Fe

(505) 920-6328

Stores for Dogs

When on vacation it’s always fun to pick up a couple souvenirs, even for us doggies, and Santa Fe doesn’t disappoint when it comes to places for pups to pop some retail tags! I mentioned Critters and Me and Pooch Pantry Bakery and Boutique in self-serve grooming and these are 2 of my favorites since they have so much to offer, but I would like to add a few more of my favorite shops that Wendy takes me to:

Teca Tu- A Pawsworthy Pet Emporium

Address: Sanbusco Market Center

500 Montezuma Ave

Phone Number: (505) 982-9374

Teca Tu is celebrating their 20th year of loving and servicing us pets. That means they’ve been catering to their four-legged friends for 140 dog years! They truly have so much to offer including pet apparel, neckwear/harnesses/leashes, gourmet treats (which are my favorite), dining accessories, beds, toys, and specifics for trek and travel. Here I am sniffing out which raw-hide, jerky treat I want to take home.

And check out these leashes and collars! A matching leash and collar is the canine equivalent to a matching shirt and tie. We too like to dress to impress! 

Here are some more places for you and your owner to visit- just make sure you are extra good, so you can rake in those treat rewards:

Santa Fe Paws

713 Don Diego Ave

(505) 988-2500

Emilia Poochie

708 Canyon Rd # 3

(505) 438-9663

Tullivers Pet Food Emporium

807 Cerrillos Rd

(505) 992-3388

PetSmart Santa Fe

Plaza Santa fe II

3561 Zafarano Dr

(505) 471-5255

Petco Animal Supplies

2006 Cerrillos Rd

(505) 424-1667

Pooch Pantry Bakery & Boutique

301 N Guadalupe St

(505) 820-1130

Prosperous Pets

720 St Michaels Dr

(505) 471-0481

The Critters & Me

1403 Agua Fria St

(505) 982-5040

Jurassic Pets

507 W Cordova Rd

(505) 428-0836

Marty’s Meals, Inc.

1107 Pen Rd

(505) 670-3754


I act like I’m a tough guy, you know the strong silent type, but I must admit I too can be…what do humans call it- “under the weather?”, “sick as a dog?” Which is not funny, but I guess sometimes true. When I am “sick as a dog,” Wendy takes me to either VCA Arrighetti Animal Hospital or Santa Fe Animal Emergency Clinic PC. Both have skilled veterinarians and friendly staff who help me get back on paws and out in the yard. 

Below are some other veterinarians available in Santa Fe:

Smith Veterinary Hospital

600 Alta Vista St

(505) 982-4418

Northside Veterinary Clinic

510 Jose St

(505) 988-1903

Santa Fe Animal Hospital PC

521 S St Francis Dr

(505) 820-2232

Backroads Veterinary Care Mbl: Hamlen Heidi DVM(505) 

(505) 629-7701

Los Animales Holistic

714 Cll Grillo # B

(505) 986-3434

Shannon Audrey DVM

(505) 820-2617

Cedarwood Veterinary Clinic

2001 St Michaels Dr

(505) 216-2487

VCA Arrighetti Animal Hospital

1882 Plaza Del Sur Dr

(505) 471-2888

Santa Fe Animal Emergency Clinic PC

2001 Vivigen Way

(505) 984-0625

Sangre de Cristo Animal Hospital

3015 Cielo Ct

(505) 471-6594

Animal Wellness Center

1313 S St Francis Dr

(505) 988-2440

Parker Brent DVM

521 S St Francis Dr

(505) 820-2232

Veterinary Cancer Care PC

2001 Vivigen Way

(505) 982-4492

Animal Clinic: Hinko Philip J DVM

1500 Cerrillos Rd

(505) 982-9821

Veterinary Dentistry & Oral

2001 Vivigen Way

(505) 471-0747