Special Events and Tours with Pets

Pet Parade

I’ve mentioned before that Santa Fe loves pets, so much in fact that there is an annual Children’s Pet Parade, also known as Desfile de Los Ninos. Wendy says it has been a tradition since the 1920’s. The parade route starts at Palace then continues to Grant then Marcy and finishes where Paseo de Peralta meets Palace.

Some owners and pups get really creative; making small floats and wearing costumes. The parade welcomes all pets, not just dogs. One year we saw a ferret, which Wendy explained is like a small weasel, not a chew toy.

Walking tours

Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, or knowledge? A Walking Tour is the perfect way to explore areas of Santa Fe and gain a better appreciation of the sites. Plus, some walking tours are pet friendly! Below are a couple walking tour groups Wendy and I recommend:

In town/around the plaza

Historic Walks of Santa Fe

608 E Palace Ave, Santa Fe, NM 87501

(505) 986-8388

Their mascot is a cocker spaniel named Andy and he inspired the company to be pet friendly. He seems like a smart bub I’d like to meet. They have been featured in the human magazine National Geographic, “Dog Lover’s Guide to Travel” edition.

Outdoor Excursions

Santa Fe Walkabouts

310 Read Street Santa Fe, NM 87501


Santa Fe Walkabouts is all about customizing your excursion to fit how you and your family would like to expereince Santa Fe. They want us pups and our people to love New Mexico as much as they do.

Bus tours

Loretto Lines Bus Tour

We pups love car rides, and an open-air bus isn’t any different. Why not take a joy ride while learning about Santa Fe from some of the best, seasoned tour guides available? Here I am enjoying the breeze and looking at the sites:

These tour guides not only love dogs, but they know their stuff and each have extra knowledge in 

specific areas like art, archeology, and architecture, so you can take the tour more than once and still learn new information. Loretto Line’s host 3 tours a day and pick-up at both the La Fonda Hotel and Loretto Chapel, home of the miraculous staircase. It’s a comfortable way to learn all about Santa Fe