Tips for Traveling with Pets

We pups love being around our people as much as possible. So when you travel, of course we want to come. We get wanderlust too! Some owners avoid bringing their furry friends because they worry it’ll be too hectic, or we won’t behave ourselves. Well, I know with proper preparation you and your human can travel with ease.

Here are some helpful tips and things to think about:

Medical Needs/Safety:

Now I don’t like to go to the vet, but with an upcoming trip I don’t mind because the reward is totally worth it. It’s important to make sure your vaccinations are up to date and that you have any specific ones required for your destination. Also, Wendy carries a copy of my medical records just in case I have to visit a local vet as well as extra meds in the event we face travel delays. Some dogs can suffer from car sickness. To help prevent this, Wendy makes sure I eat several hours before we get in the car and makes sure I have been exercised prior, so I spend most of the ride resting. Wendy also puts me in my crate, which is the safest way to ride since it is crash test certified. Have your owner make sure yours is too!

Pack my suitcase:

Having my own separate luggage or carry item helps Wendy conveniently access the things I need. This way she doesn’t have to tear thru her own belongings to find mine. Also, she packs for me the same way she does herself. She thinks about our activities, the weather, and any elements we may encounter so we can both be comfortable. 

Below are the items she would include, depending on the destination:

-Collar with updated ID info.

-Food and food bowl

-Water, water bottle and bowl


-Toys for chewing and fetching


-Protective clothing

-Dog-safe insect repellent and sunscreen

-Water goggles

-Blanket and dog towel

-Brush and shampoo

-Flea comb and tick remover

-Poop bags


Check your accommodations:

We talk about this more in Vacation Rentals, but as a quick note, make sure your owner asks if the facility:

1) Allows pups and if so, any particular breeds?

2) Has any extra fees, policies, or conditions?

Make a Plan:

Like people, we doggies need to take care of certain “business” while traveling; nature calls, we need to stretch our legs, and breath fresh air. It’s important for both our sanities that we plan for breaks. Wendy likes to give me a 20 minute break every 3-4 hours where I can wander around a bit, get my wiggles out, and tend to my needs. You can also turn this necessity into something fun and find local pet friendly attractions that will make the stops memorable and not just a necessity. 

Don’t leave us unattended for too long:

Santa Fe has some amazing attractions that unfortunately we dogs can’t attend; like the hot springs Ojo Caliente or the Santa Fe Opera. We want you to enjoy these activities without having to worry about us, so I recommend checking your pup into a doggie daycare if you are planning an activity that isn’t pet friendly. I have included a directory of some really great ones under Daycares/Kennels.

These tips will help you and your fury friend lover have the most amazing time in Santa Fe or where ever your wanderlust takes you. 

Happy Tails….I mean Trails 🙂